Business Development

In a mere four years, TabTale has established itself as a leading creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents around the world love. Affection for our apps has manifested itself in 33M active monthly users, ultimately making our creations an integral part of kids’ lives from infancy to adolescence.

Our success story is unique in the sense that we have repeatedly reached Top 10 appearances on Apple’s iOS global publisher’s ranks without using externally branded content. We are proud of this accomplishment, and, having proven our model’s scalability, brands are now interested in partnering with us. Because of this, we have established a new licensing department, and are currently producing branded applications starring internationally acclaimed brands and characters.

When it comes to content, our emphasis continues to be placed on family friendly digital content that fits with the mission and appeal of family brands. Working closely with our partners we will carefully craft applications according to brand identity, creating bespoke applications based on our proprietary tools and platform. We will also handle digital monetization, publishing and marketing for the companies that we work with. We plan to stick to our standards of great applications that appeal to and entertains kids, while assuring parents that the products we bring to market offer high quality, educational and child safe content.

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