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Thumbnail image for Cruise Kids

Get ready for the ultimate cruise ship adventure! The Cruise Kids needs YOUR help to run this cruise line smoothly. From treating seasick passengers to serving 5-star food at the restaurant, [...]

Thumbnail image for Crazy Camping Day

Camping Craziness! Meet the Browns – Timmy, Olivia, John, Margaret & Rex! The Browns want you to join them on their camping trip! But be warned – this camping trip just might be [...]

Thumbnail image for My Newborn Sister

There’s nothing like having a new baby sister! Help Mommy relax and spoil her with special treats! CONGRATULATIONS! It’s time to throw your precious newborn sister a fun-filled birthday [...]

Thumbnail image for Cave Girl

WILD Style! URH ORGGG! These crazy cavemen need YOUR help! Use real-life styling tools to give your crude clients the makeover of a lifetime! Shampoo, cut, and shave their lice-infested hair! [...]

Thumbnail image for Frosty PJ Party

You’re invited to the frostiest PJ party ever, full of fun and creative winter activities! Put on your favorite warm PJs and get ready for a night 2 fun 2 sleep! From girl talk to hilarious [...]

Thumbnail image for Enchanted Castle Design

The princesses (and prince!) need your help and creativity! Join them as you work together to fix up the palace and make it look shiny and new! Be the royal designer! Clean, repair and design [...]

Thumbnail image for My Crazy Cars

• Choose from 4 speedy race cars to customize! • Upgrade your car’s engine, shock absorption and steering system to race faster! • Decorate your cars with tons of CRAZY colors, decals, wheels, [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Heroes

Save Babyland! Baby heroes, assemble! An earthquake has destroyed the babies favorite amusement park! It’s up to you save the park and bring back the fun! Choose from six incredible baby heroes [...]

Thumbnail image for Crazy Cat Salon

Give these cuddly cats the craziest hairstyles ever! Enjoy tons of professional grooming tools like curling irons, blow dryers, scissors and magic hair growing spray! You can even color your [...]

Thumbnail image for Dog Walker

Looking for an early morning dog walker? Meet Alex the dog walker! Join her as she walks the neighborhood dogs and runs into some unexpected trouble! From injured puppies to lost dogs (oh no!), [...]