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Thumbnail image for Izzie’s Math

Math is Easy with Izzie! At TabTale, we understand that children grasp math more easily while enjoying everyday activities! That’s why we’ve created this revolutionary learning app, [...]

Thumbnail image for Messy Baby

Messy Baby is here, and he’s prepared to make a mess! There are no ifs or ands about it… the world is about to look like a disaster zone, thanks to the little rascal! See how Messy Baby causes [...]

Thumbnail image for Heartbreak Girl

Having a bestie is all fun and games… Until your bestie starts having deeper feelings and realizes he might be stuck in the friend zone forever. Sometimes it even takes dating a jerk to [...]

Thumbnail image for Sky Girls

You’re the newest flight attendant on Fly High Airline, and you’re determined to be a pro! It’s your job to help the passengers with everything they need, from check-in time all the way through [...]

Thumbnail image for OMG Gross Zit

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for – your date with adorable Ethan! Better get out of bed and start making yourself beautiful! Wait – OMG… Is that a ZIT?! And not just any zit – a [...]

Thumbnail image for Soccer Mom’s Crazy Day

Time to be the world’s best Soccer Mom! Your kid needs some special cheering that only you can provide! So get your pom-poms and megaphone, and cheer on the team! Show those other Soccer Moms [...]

Thumbnail image for City Builders

CRAFT YOUR DREAMY CANDY TOWN: It’s your chance to build the city of your dreams – your very own city! Combine different ingredients to create candy buildings, chocolate houses, sour belt [...]

Thumbnail image for Candy Nail Art

Time to make the sweetest nail art the world has ever seen! Your customers will keep coming back for more – how could they resist your scrumptiously delicious candy nail designs?! You can even [...]

Thumbnail image for TabTale Sticky Stack

Whether you’re happy or sad, sleepy or mad, express yourself with dazzling, animated iMessage stickers! Up your texting game with these eye-popping stickers. All of your favorite TabTale games [...]

Thumbnail image for Teletubbies Paint Sparkles

Welcome to Teletubbyland! Come, play, and color away! Get creative with tons of beautifully animated coloring pages! Have a blast with your Teletubby friends! Features: > Have fun with your [...]