TabTale’s on a Licensing Frenzy

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

by TabTale

As a result of TabTale’s proven success with our partnerships with IP brands like Garfield, Care Bears, Teletubbies and Winx, we recently signed a series of deals to develop more branded games. We are collaborating with Mattel to produce an app based on their highly popular TV show and toy line “Monster High” and with Zag to create a wonderful game based on their successful TV show “The Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir”. We anticipate similar amazing results with these brand collaborations to what we have seen with our previous partnerships. Our colorful app “Care Bears Rainbow Playtime,” for instance, has garnered over 11 million downloads to date, an exceptionally high number for a preschoolers game, and our adorable upcoming new musical app “Care Bears Music Band” is set to launch worldwide on July 17th.

Read more about TabTale’s licensing strategy here.

TabTale is so confident in our new line of branded deals that we have decided to invest $5 million USD to this venture, over the next two years. With these new licensed games, we will expand our target audience and tap into audiences that we have not yet acquired; although we have about 40 million active users a month, there are still many out there who have not yet tried our games and who we’re sure will love them.