TabTale’s library of game and entertainment apps has generated over 850 million downloads worldwide. These impressive numbers have been accomplished while accumulating over 40 million monthly active users, making TabTale one of the world’s top game publishers.

Over the past four years, we have created a massive games distribution network, tweaked and perfected it, and now we want to share it with game developers all over the world. In order to do so, TabTale’s 3rd party publishing arm is looking for great game experiences that have the ability to capture and move players. We are also actively looking for talented, highly motivated teams that want to make great games and entertain millions of people.

If you have a hit game or a fantastic team and you want to reach a massive audience of players, contact us and let’s talk about working together to make sure you get the exposure you deserve.
We’re interested in all types of games and all mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

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