Coco Play

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Thumbnail image for Shopping Mall Girl

Get ready for a shopping spree like no other! Whether your style is sporty, classy or urban chic, this 3D mall has just what you’re looking for! Explore trendy shops like ZAZA & Surf ‘N [...]

Thumbnail image for High School Crush

There’s a new guy at school & rumor has it he thinks you’re really cute! Flirt with him in the cafeteria & make him blush! What, did he just ask you to prom?! Glam up at the spa, add a [...]

Thumbnail image for Puppy Life

Features: > Choose from 12 adorable & fluffy puppies! > Throw a puppy party – choose your favorite music & show off your dance moves! > Sing and chat with your puppy – [...]

Thumbnail image for Girls PJ Party

Get ready for the 3D PJ party everyone’s talking about! Stay up all night with your best friends sharing secrets, laughing & dancing to your favorite songs! Show off your PJ Party style with [...]

Thumbnail image for Baby Kim

Baby Kim needs your help to grow up into a beautiful little girl! Dress her up in the most adorable clothing and accessories. Play in the park, visit the doctor, and enjoy sweet treats in the [...]

Thumbnail image for Supermodel Star

√ Style your supermodel with ultimate look! √ Experience the glamorous world of modeling! √ Dress up your model in the trendiest styles! √ Choose from tons of eye shadows, lipsticks and more! √ [...]

Thumbnail image for Ice Princess

Frosty Features: √ Dress up in the most enchanting look of the night! √ Dance with Prince Charming at the Frosty Sweet 16! √ Select a royal pet to style for the Frosty Sweet 16! √ Choose from the [...]

Thumbnail image for Bunny Boo

Choose your favorite bunny from 6 fluffy-fun bunnies! Talk to Bunny Boo! She’ll repeat after you! Dress up your bunny in a variety of holiday outfits and accessories! Feed your hungry bunny with [...]

Thumbnail image for Music Idol

Part of being a superstar is showing off your unique star style! Choose from over 200 of the coolest outfits and accessories to dress up Coco! You can even choose Coco’s hair color, hair [...]

Thumbnail image for Kitty Love

> Choose your dream pet from 6 adorable kitties! > Feed your hungry kitty with tons delicious snacks! > Bathe your kitty ’till she’s sparkling and clean! > Treat your injured kitty [...]