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Thumbnail image for The Shoemaker and the Elves

>>> FREE & packed with superb animation & stunning interactive activities Take your children on a magical journey & join the shoemaker and his wife as they receive lots of [...]

Thumbnail image for Ethan’s Super Power

A friendly and furry baby blue monster named Ethan is about to be born into a family with sensational super powers! In this empowering story, kids will learn that the greatest power is actually [...]

Thumbnail image for Easter Bunny Dress Up and Card Maker

Hippity hop come and join the Easter Bunny in this hilarious dress up and card maker game. With over 200 interactive dress up items for the Easter Bunny and his Egg you can make countless [...]

Thumbnail image for Dress Up Fairy Tale Game

A magical fantasy & a fantastic dress up game – completely FREE & packed with 6 different mini dress up games which easily teach color identification in a fun and exciting way. [...]

Thumbnail image for Dog Story – Learn Opposites – Pet Animal Adventures

In Dog Story your children will meet many adorable dogs in their loveable surroundings. Interact with them to learn important concepts, ideas and vocabulary. Dog Story is a beautiful interactive [...]

Thumbnail image for Dino Day

Get ready for a spectacular and DYNAMIC Dino Day with our babies: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Apato and our favorite flying Pterodactyl! Crack the dinosaur eggs open and choose your friendly baby dino. [...]

Thumbnail image for Design It!

Design and customize your own dresses! Meet Grace, Chloe, Isabella, and Emily! Like them, when you are walking around the mall, you see so many styles, and you think, “I can do better”. With this [...]

Thumbnail image for David & Goliath

Meet young David, son of Jesse and the future king of Israel, as he faces Goliath the giant Philistine warrior. Using only his slingshot, after refusing to take King Saul’s armor and sword, David [...]

Thumbnail image for Counting 123

Your ultimate counting teacher!!! Watch your children as they play & quickly learn how to count and recognize numbers in this fun and simple children’s game. Your children will be counting [...]

Thumbnail image for Cool Monsters

Meet the coolest monster gang around: > Baby Jack – A sweet, colorful, cute, little guy. He likes his pacifier, but don’t get in the way of his bottle! > Bad Willy – The tough guy in [...]