8 Cheap Backyard Activities to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

by TabTale

Summer vacation will be over before you know it. The kids will return to school, and it will be back to routine. As summer nears an end, you feel like you’re running out of ideas to keep your kids from getting restless with boredom. Playing fun games on electronic gadgets can be just as interactive and educational, but every child should also spend some time outside. It’s time for some good, old-fashioned outdoor family fun. We’ve got some great ideas for you. The great thing about these summer activities is that they’re for you and your kids to do together. And plus, they’re cheap! That way, you don’t have to break the bank this summer.

8 Ways to Have Inexpensive Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

1. Build a Treehouse
Every child dreams of having their very own treehouse. A treehouse is something that unites the family. You can cuddle up with your kids and play games inside it, and when they’re older, it can help your children enjoy quality sibling bonding together. What’s amazing about having your children build the treehouse with you is that they will always remember the time you all spent building it. It will require time, planning, creativity and teamwork – what better way to bring a family closer together?

2. Make Your Own Slip 'N Slide
Beat the summer heat by getting wet. The good news is that there’s no need to buy an expensive Slip ‘N Slide from the store – you can make your own. All you need is a lawn, camping tarp or heavy-duty plastic, a garden hose, and some cheap shampoo so that you and your kids can enjoy maximum slipping fun. I guarantee you – your kids will thank you! Or at least they’ll have a blast. You can even make a Slip ‘N Slide party for your kids’ friends. It will get them away from the TV and enjoying the sunshine season in the best way possible. You probably won’t be able to resist sliding yourself!

3. Camp Out in Your Backyard
You don’t need to travel far to have an awesome camping trip. Your backyard is perfect for ultimate camping merriment. Just set up your campsite right on your grass. Get the kids to help you put up the tent. Build a campfire and don’t forget the s’mores! You’ll enjoy singing around the fire, as well as terrifying your kids just enough with spooky ghost stories.

4. Make a Scavenger Hunt
This one requires some time and imagination. And trust me – it’s so worth it. Who doesn’t remember with fondness that scavenger their parent made for their siblings and them when they were little kids? This is a great way to get involved with your kids and stimulate their minds. All you need for a treasure hunt is some pieces of paper and something for the children to search for. Make it fun by thinking of a theme for your scavenger hunt. Maybe they’d like a pirate-themed treasure hunt, or they may prefer fairy tales. You know your kids best!

5. Create a Drive-In Theater
For this one, you’ll need a projector and a sheet. You can either spend some money on a store-bought projector, which may be a good investment since you’ll probably want to have outdoor movie nights again and again, or you can make your own projector out of a shoebox. Be sure to bring the popcorn!

6. Plant a Garden
If you want your kids to learn a bit about nature, this is a great way. They’ll have to deal with the creepy crawlers that come along with outdoor gardens, and it will make them tougher. Building a garden will give your children the experience of taking care of something overtime and watching it grow. They’ll gain satisfaction from doing this, and they’ll be proud of their hard work. Plus they’ll have fun playing in the dirt!

7. Interactive Storytime
Choose your favorite children’s chapter book. Get cozied up in a nice shady spot under a tree. Designate which kid will play which character, and have them act out the events of the book! You’ll be the narrator, and each time one of the characters says something, your kids will show off their theatre skills and play the part. For extra fun, make costumes for each character.

8. Make Your Own Bird Feeder
This activity is pretty simple. You and your kids can make your own bird feeders with a simple plastic bottle. Let each person in the family make their own feeder, and have everyone decorate their own. Get a bird book or look up bird info on the internet so that you and the kids can learn about the various types of birds that show up in your yard. With binoculars, sit back with some lemonade and watch the beautiful birds enjoy the birdseed.

Once you’ve got some quality outdoor time in, let your kids relax inside with some of our awesome, educational games!