Introducing: Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dad

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013

by TabTale

Hey TabTalers!  We have a brand new original tale to share with all of you, Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dad!  This is the story of a hard-working father who struggles to find the time to spend with his daughter.  The daughter dreams that her father will find another job that lets them spend more time together. Together they imagine all of the different jobs he could have, but ultimately the daughter decides that her dad should do what he likes best – as long as he promises to rest and spend some quality time with her. This story is guaranteed to resonate with today’s hard-working parents who struggle to find the right balance between work and family, and kids will love learning to read in a fun and interactive way. Download Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dude for free in the App Store today and vote for it as the app of the week on iHeartThisApp.