Introducing TabTale’s newest awesome app, Doctor X– Med School!

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013

by TabTale

Introducing TabTale’s newest awesome app, Doctor X-- Med School! In this amazing game, you get to be the cool doctor you’ve always dreamed of becoming! Learn how to live up to the responsibility in med school by using the awesome tools at your disposal. Diagnose your patients with your stethoscope and thermometer-- you can even use an electrocardiogram! Once you listen to your patient and diagnose their illness, take care to treat them correctly! Use colorful stickers and bandages to cover their wounds, or give them a shot or cough syrup to help them feel better! Med School is crazy fun! This amazing app will show you all of the tools of the trade while you have a blast learning. Med school is only the beginning, Doctor X, so get ready for a whole new set of adventures coming your way soon!